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Tue 20 Nov 2018


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6th May 2011
As work continues at a steady pace, about 80% of the internal block work has now been completed. You can now see from the outside as it rises up the building.

13 January 2011
Scaffolding is now in progress and going up around the building. Then the external brickwork will commence

8 August 2010
The steel structure has been completed and the crane has been taken away

24 June 2010
The steel structure is almost complete, now concrete is being poured to form floors

24 May 2010

Work on the steel structure continues, the building is really taking shape!

23 April 2010
Completion of steel frame works

15 Mar 2010
The steel structure now becoming more visible as you now see the shape of the building

17 Feb 2010
Steel structure slowly going up, as the skeleton of the building

14 Jan 2010
Crane overpowering Phase 2 as the new flooring progresses to completion on the ground floor

16 Dec 2009
Concrete is poured to form the floor of the basement, then pillars are formed that will support the ground floor.

19 Nov 2009
A large crane has now been installed. The building will be built around it over the next several months. Meanwhile, work on the foundations continues

26 October 2009
The noisy business of piling has kept the site busy for several weeks.

26 June 2009
The funeral buildings are demolished - no turning back now!

19 June 2009
The start of enabling works. The funeral service has moved out into temporary premises, and the area behind the mosque has been cordoned off. The building that housed the funeral service is being taken apart. Meanwhile, at the side of the prayer hall excavations have started where the new fire escapes will be formed.