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Our prayer times for
Tue 20 Nov 2018


The new building has three main aims:


• Improved funeral facilities will enhance the oldest of the services based at the mosque.
• Ablutions will serve the new prayer hall on the ground floor.
• Limited parking for key staff and contractors.



• A new prayer hall, joined to the existing main hall, with a new mihrab, internally about 6 metres high.
• In front of the mihrab is an area for coffins for funeral prayers, and a small rest room for Imams.
• The large entrance lobby has a reception office, lift and stairs, and there is a separate, women-only entrance with a larger lift servicing all floors.
• The lobby connects with both the mosque and the LMC concourse.
• Wheelchair access to both halls, the old mosque lobby and to the LMC concourse.



• The high main prayer hall reaches to the first floor, with a viewing gallery and media room for visitors overlooking the hall, and exhibition and meeting space.
• The first level of a substantial two-tier office area dedicated to women's projects. 



• A new prayer hall for women, with separate family rooms at the back
• A lobby area with two buggy parks
• A large ablutions area.
• Meeting room.
• The second tier of the women's project offices.



• A multipurpose hall that can be used by children from the education projects, as additional prayer space for women, and as a conference/function facility.
• This floor also has meeting/multipurpose rooms.


Fourth and Fifth:

• Education floors, with multipurpose rooms and all the necessary ancillary rooms.



• This floor will deliver women's health and fitness services, and a range of family services. 


• Caretaker/guest flats.